Beta Invite code Giveaway Topic [WIKI]

And received :wink:

Who needs a beta code?! I have 1 available:-)

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Anyone who is still waiting for a Code?

I’m still waiting :slight_smile:

Already fixed…

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Got my Homey Bridge today. Tried to type in the access code found at the bottom of the invoice mail, but the app says it cannot find that invite code.

Anyone else had this issue?

The code is far from the bottom of the invite mail.
Did u use the code placed here?

Guess he didn’t get an invite email as there was a code on the Invoice.

@sbrattla pls PM me.

Ah yes, it has changed, my bad :grin:

Hi, I’d be very grateful if someone could send me a beta code.

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I just received my Bridge today, but without a code. I would be glad if anyone has a spare code

Hi! I have had my second hand Bridge for over a month without receiving any code… Would really appreciate one from you guys!

This is the situation for a while

I suggest you request a code, which would be fair, at HQ, and f.i. include a copy of your invoice

Thanks Peter, i got a code from a Facebook group instead. Was to inpatient to wait for Homey support :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! I would love to get a beta code if anyone of you would have an extra one :slight_smile:

I need an invite code.

Please confirm the Code I send you yesterday in PM on the community here!

I just got a code :slight_smile:

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Cool. You can update your initial post this way

Ik heb vandaag mijn Bridge ontvangen maar helaas geen beta code, graag ontvang ik de code.