Can't use the Homey Bridge

I bought the bridge and I just received it in the mail BUT I CANT use the bridge, because I don’t have a invitation code??? Nowhere in the product page you guys mention about a code to use with the product. It is not right to sell a product you can’t use!!! My tickets is 33236 please reply!!


The same problem over here. Ticket 33245.

Note: when you click join in the app nothing happens!

It is not fair to sell a product and can’t use it because you need a invite code. Why sell it in the first place??? This really is a big middle finger to the early adopters. This is so wrong on many levels

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Just curious how Homey bridge is sold as many people complained about not knowing buying something which you can’t use at the moment because you need a beta invitation.

It looks to me very clear in the Dutch version. You search for the bridge, Athom gives as negative point you need a beta invitation. When you click on the Homey Bridge, at the top right you can buy and you also can click on the beta invitation which states you will be on a waiting list for the beta invitation.

To me this looks clear enough.

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The red part is what I see on my iPhone:

It contains everything needed to order a Homey Bridge. It doesn’t state anywhere above the fold that you need an invitation.

Besides that, even if things are obvious to you, they apparently aren’t for a lot of other people. That’s a UX issue that Athom has to address.


Exactly the same for me.

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Ok when many people oversee this, it definitely is not clear. So Homey indeed should address this.

I do hope Athom has enough people on customer service for their customers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t known if the text was there yesterday

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No it wasn’t. That banner is new.

Ok, so they are aware and taking actions.

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Same here. I received it today and there was no such info on the web shop saying you need a special invitation to Beta programme. Absolute joke. Also after registering I got an email that I will receive the code in next two weeks!!! Warning for others considering purchase.

But when will this activate code be available?

As asking the same question in multiple topics doesn’t help I Close this Topic and direct everyone with this question to this Topic:

Probably the most accurate answer about when should com from Athom: