Misleading Homey bridge release campaign

I’m very disappointed in the homey bridge sales campaign. I thought when you buy a bridge you will receive the beta code to get started. And no banner at that point…

So I just bought a device for 69,- which I can’t use. That’s really misleading I’m disappointed.

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Athom had pointed out that in this early phase, only operation with the beta code is possible. Please wait a while, you will get a code. It is said that it can take 2-3 weeks from registration. I think it is also in Athom’s interest to send the codes as soon as possible.

I also bought a bridge but at no time did I think this was implied. The keynote clearly stated this was the situation as did the beta signup for the cloud access. The Bridge store purchase was a little vague on this point but is clearer now.


True that is has been pointed out for the app. So that was clear for me but not for the device. So at that point I do not agree. Yes, there’s nothing else I (we) can do then be patience or to bin it. :grinning:

Yes, Athom should have made watching the keynote a prerequisite before buying the Bridge.


Contact Athom support and make your choice
Either wait for the code base on the estimate from them
Send the bridge back.

As community there is not much to do except if someone send you a code if a fast community member doesn’t need it now.

Of course I understand that on this community
nobody can change this. But wishful thinking and the hope someone at homey is reading along and is able to make changes.
And yes I contacted athom support. So fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t include a beta-access code inside the bridge box, as far as i know you cannot use the bridge without the cloud access?

Would have been a simple solution to resolve this, and also would give people an incentive to buy a bridge i would say

Or the other way around, you can only buy a bridge if you have beta-access already (from a sales point of view probably less interesting :stuck_out_tongue: )


It seems the Cloud/Bridge is way more popular than expected…

i just noticed in the announcements post, that the bridge is only free if you have 5 devices or less connected… pretty sure the keynote implied that if you wanted logic processing you had to pay extra (fair enough) but a limit of only 5 things is a bit restricting

I understood it like this:

You can use Homey Cloud (phone app) for free, up to 5 connected online devices.
So one can go experiment and find out if can be something of use.

You could then consider buying a Bridge, but without the Premium subscription, you’re still limited to 5 devices, but now you can play with local devices too, like zigbee, z-wave, IR, Ble.

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Until there is no internet and everything doesn’t work anymore.

That"s a fact, Renzo
No internet, no cloud, no TV, no Spotify, no Netflix, no forum.
Pretty bad!
@ my place the internet is down approx. twice a year. My provider’s called ‘Budget’.
I’m lucky.
But nonetheless, I’ll stick to the Homey Pro :wink:

You always can have some offline music though… but going to the toilet and not able to turn on the light…
But be my guest and buy one.

I’ll stick to my pro as well.

I know, but I tried to say, we’re already heavily depending on the internet. If someone’s connection is going down often, then using a Homey Cloud isn’t a cunning plan.
Let’s face it, in many countries the power goes down every once in a while too.

An automation hint:
I did not replace one switch. I use smart lights, and I have relay/dimmer modules mounted above my oldskool lights.
As long as I have only mains power, I can use the toilet with a light on.:grin:

Yep, no way I would set up a system where I was completely dependent on Homey (or any other hub) to be able to switch a light on or off.

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