Just purchased a Homey Bridge.. The app requires a beta code

Quite annoying… I bought a Honey Bridge and when setting it up, I am prompted for a closed beta program code. I signed up but no code arrived… Seems there is a que… Wish the package stated this or someone at the store informed me…

Can anyone help me with a beta code?

Have you tried this ?

Yes. Signed up but received no email with a code.

check spam,
last time I got one in minutes.
Else contact Athom:

I just tested this and wanted to send him a code via PM. It doesn’t seem to work, I didn’t get a code. :person_shrugging:

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Perhaps the upcoming keynote is about this?
There are no betacodes given from now on; every Bridge buyer gets a Pro.
No compromises anymore!

Sorry @Christian_Rokseth, just joking.
I am afraid you have to contact Athom or see if someone has a betacode for you.

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Thanks for trying though!! Checked spam. No code…

I got an instant reply:

You code: Sorry! There is no more coupon code to use.

So Please contact Athom.

Seems only companies can contact them for support.

But I already send them a msg about the codes missing.

How silly…

Guess it was a succes and they need a refill



But you should have received a Code by now … @Christian_Rokseth

The email in my screenshot was supposed to contain the code. It seems Homey Bridge will be discontinued then . Returning it to the shop… What a scam.

Hi Christian,
you have a PM.


Nope, the Code generator was just defect, it is repaired.

You probably didn’t understand but everyone that requested an code and got an email with “You code: Sorry! There is no more coupon code to use.”

Should have received an new email with a code yesterday around Oct 6, 2022, 9:31 PM
(at least that way it should have worked and worked for me.)

Hi all, and of course mostly @Christian_Rokseth . I just wanted to quickly jump in and clarify some things.

Every Homey Bridge order should get an access code within 24 hours, and often earlier. Normally this is before your Homey Bridge arrives. This code is sent via our Mailchimp email system - please check your spam and your ‘promotions’ tab in your email client to check.

Next to that, there was indeed an error for four hours yesterday where people that applied for the beta via our website didn’t get a code because, indeed, a generator ran out. That has been fixed. New codes can be obtained via the website like before, and the email will now show a code again.

All the people in between have received a code as well, again via the Mailchimp email system we also use to send codes to people ordering Homey Bridge. However, this system filters double addresses, so it could be that you have only received the first one for your Homey Bridge order, but can’t seem to find it.

If, for some strange reason, you still do not have a code, you can always contact our support for it like others suggested, or, more simple, just register for the beta on our website with any other email address that you own, and get one in your email immediately. Codes are not linked to email addresses so it’s easy to obtain it there.

We’re sorry for the confusion - it seems like the Homey Bridge order code was lost somewhere (please do check your promotions tab etc. as well as it can sit there), and at the same time the website-based system was temporarily broken. That’s on us.


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Thanks.Finally got a code, set up the bridge and connected it. Paired a thermostat to it . Now the homey bridge keeps disconnecting every minute or so.