Topic Waiting for an Invite but ordered the Homey Bridge

Topic to collect Posts about that Athom accepts orders for Homey Bridge and delivers it but doesn’t send an Invite for the beta with it.

Posts complaining in other topics will be moved here to keep the topics readable.

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Okay so I did receive my Homey bridge today.
But can’t do anything with it until I receive my BETA key?
Is there a way to get the key soon as an early adapter?

Yep, used to use a pro homey but sold it last month. Bought the bridge yesterday and received it today. I just think it’s a little weird they sell the bridge without a invite so now the bridge is useless.

Guess you missed it in the shop as they warned for that.

That’s not a warning, that’s some sort of “look at us ‘independently’ judging our own product” marketing bs.

Wasn’t included with my homey bridge. If I don’t get a beta invite this week I’m gonna return it.

Same here.
I’m curious and want to give it a go and compare it with my early 2016 and Pro homey.
When it’s sitting in the box because a lack of an invite I will return it.

(and yes, I have read in the announcement that a invite was necessary but as you might expext an invite is included with the actual product)


Keynote: make sure you have an invite otherwise it will je be an nice thing to look at.

Website: be sure to have an invite…

On the community forum… Make sure you have an invite before buying the bridge.

People buying the thing. WTF NO INVITE I WILL RETURN IT…




-Geen hardware nodig. Begin vandaag al.

-Homey Bridge is vanaf vandaag beschikbaar voor slechts € 69.

-Vanaf vandaag is Homey gratis voor iedereen.

Yes, somewhere an invite is mentioned but all the GET HOMEY TODAY is kinda screaming in your face and you could expect it to work straightaway.

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About how long do you have to wait for invite if you register today? Do not want to order bridge and then not be able to use it.

Good idea, will do that. Just waiting for invite now :+1:

I am waiting for invite too

I bought the bridge and I just received it in the mail BUT I CANT use the bridge, because I don’t have a invitation code??? Nowhere in the product page you guys mention about a code to use with the product. My tickets is 33236 please reply!! Or I sending it back

You should direct your remarks to Athom directly through

Athom does not handle support requests through this (community) forum.


I have contacted Homey via all possible social channels and by email. It’s really unbelievable, This is my first experience with the products of Homey. Maar wat ik nu allemaal meemaak echt ongelofelijk. Je wordt letterlijk belazerd met je eigen geld. Je koopt een product om het vervolgens niet te kunnen gebruiken. Nergens op hun site kom je ook de disclaimer tegen dat je het niet kan gebruiken zonder invite, omgekeerde wereld??

Well actually…

Schermafbeelding 2021-09-09 om 15.38.44

And next to it:

Besides, it’s not a disclaimer, it’s a (fake) opinion box.

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Ja ik heb ook een bridge en kan hem niet gebruiken. De opmerking over de beta heb ik gelezen maar er staat nergens dat je aan de grillen van Athom bent overgelaten wanneer je deze krijgt. Gezien het feit dat je de bridge kan bestellen mag je verwachten dat de invite in de verpakking zit…helaas niet dus


It was very clear that the bridge would not work without an invitation code. Please don’t forget that we are in the beta phase. I have now requested several invitations. When I have received this, I can pass the codes on to dissatisfied people in the German forum, as I don’t need a bridge myself. Maybe an idea for the people who don’t need their codes either. :sunglasses:

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I have invited 5 persons now. They say “invite 3 to start today”
Why are they lying?