Accidentaly removed Homey Bridge

I accidentally removed my Homey Bridge and when I try to set it up again it says that my beta invite code is already in use. So I can’t re-add my Bridge.

Someone know a solution?

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I did the same thing. Did you get it resolved ?

Haven’t found a solution yet

This is a user community so no help available on this subject. You’d better contact Athom support directly.

You mean you removed Homey app and your Homey Cloud instance?
(Homey bridge is a physical add-on device, which can be removed and re-added w/o problems, AFAIK.)

When you removed Homey app, just request a new beta code

Have contacted them. No answer yet.

So I thought I could reach out for help here on the forums, in case somebody had this problem before and knew a way to fix it.

Sorry if the community is not meant to be used for getting help on issues like this.

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I removed the device from my Homey app, and when trying to add the device again I need to enter my invitation code.When I enter the code, it says that it’s already in use.

Did you request another code? You might need to use an other email address

I just requested one, and got the code the next minute. I’ll PM it to you, ok?

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How long does it take for a new code? I did same thing but been waiting for a new code now for awhile

One minute. Did you check the spam folder? Maybe you can borrow someone’s email address and request for a code again.

Well, just check your inbox here :wink:

I’ve requested, but haven’t got anything. Checked my spam filter also.

But luckily I got one from you - thank you very much!!

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Anyone find a solution? Have The same problem.

Read the whole topic might help
Post #9 for instance

Got new code but cannot aceess it anymore. Is it bound to ohter code?

Did you get my message @Danbar78