Beta Invite code Giveaway Topic [WIKI]

now i have one, everything fine here…

If any one got a invite for my homey bridge i would be very happy


I need a beta invitaiton code as well. Have a homey pro and now wanted to test the bridge… but without the code it should not have been sold at all…

Hi There,

Love to have a code:)

Got one!

Hi everyone! I would love to get a beta code.

Hi Siri, please tell your “Homey” to give me an invite code, PLEASE

If someone have a code to offer, I would be very happy! :blush:


Hi, I’m also stuck with homey bridge without a beta invitation code :frowning:

Can anyone spare a code?:slight_smile:

Hi! Anyone with a beta invitation code? Thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

How long can it take to receive an invitation code?
Bought Homey Bridge and no code was included. Already requested support at Athom, but if someone has a spare code in the meantime would be great!

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Anyone have a spare code? Bought my bridge at the store and no code was included =(

Anyone still waiting? I have a couple of codes!


@Dijker : I would like to have a beta code. Still one available for me?

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Hi I need a code please!

EDIT: Thanks Geurt! That was quick :wink:

If you or anyone else happen to have a code for me, I’m all ears :wink:


:heavy_check_mark: given

Got my code alr from Athom (in 1 day)…
So who needs a code?

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Love to get a beta code…

Ik heb vandaag mijn Home Bridge binnen gekregen van de MediaMarkt, En helaas geen code.

Heeft er toevallig iemand 1 over ?

contact opnemen met de verkoper/athom waar de code is, tegenwoordig krijg je de code erbij als je hem nieuw koopt

Contact your seller and ask hin where the code is, at the moment i believe the code is included if you buy a new bridge.