End-of-life of Homey's speech recognition - Check your Flows

This topic is created to help show what flows need to be changed on Homey after April 1st 2021.

  • Opening post shows the communication from Athom (email)
  • 1st Reply will mention the Flow Cards that still work and Cards that will stop working and will be removed in a future Firmware update
  • 2nd Reply I will show a Homey script to analyze your Flows so you can fix affected flows.

Please keep it on-topic, about fixing the flows and not about the Athom’s decision .

On April 1st the cloud servers for Homey’s speech recognition will be turned off.

Six years ago we started with the vision of a voice controlled smart home. While our vision was right, our team’s size and resources weren’t — quite honest, we underestimated that challenge big time.

Other players such as Amazon, Google and Apple have created great voice assistant, but are far from Homey’s smart home functionalities.

Three years ago we shared our take on Homey’s future regarding speech.

Two years ago we launched Homey (Early 2019) and Homey Pro (Early 2019) , both without microphones.

On April 1st, we will permanently turn off our speech processing servers.

Why we do this
Supporting and maintaining old systems takes precious time from our developers, we’d rather invest time in a better Homey experience. What will stop working after April 1st?

  • After saying “OK Homey”, Homey will respond that it cannot reach our servers.
  • Chat in the Homey app won’t be available anymore.
  • The Facebook Messenger integration will stop working.
  • The Alexa skill ‘Homey Voice’ ( “Alexa, ask Homey to …” ) will stop working.
  • The Google Assistant Voice integration ( “OK Google, ask Homey to …” ) will stop working.

Please note that:


After disabling the Speech Experiment and/or after April 1st the following cards will still be available:

The other Flow cards behind the category Speech wil stop working an maybe even break flows after a firmware update.


Conditions (All)


Install HomeyScript and use it on your Homey to see what Flows use Speech Cards that stop working.

You can read te script here:

Use the Raw script from Here to copy - paste it in your HomeyScript and RUN.

The output will list all Flow Names of Flows using a deprecated Speech card.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ Analyze Speech Flows deprecated after April 1st 2021 ]-=-=-=-
TV Samsung Off (IR)
TV SamsungIR-On
TV Samsung Off
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=--=-=[ Count ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Speech Flows deprecated April 1st 2021 : 6
Script Success:




Thanks for the good explanation of what’s gonna happen April 1st.
Disabled the speech recognition already this weekend and checked/changed my flows too.
Installed a Google home mini to have the possibility to use speech commands.
I could even drop some cards (for example: mute tv) because the speech recognition is much better now.

This seems to be a very nice tool.I tried to see how to run this script
I have homey script installed, but where do I paste this script? (I only have my mobile phone)

Homeyscript is a web app,

Not sure it works good from a mobile, although I did test sometimes from a Android tabled I would sugesst to do it from a desktop browser.

Ah thanks, now I see it! This is what I missed. Thanks a lot
Grtz Eric

I am able to open the app, but from a mobile you can’t add/edit the content, my screen is too small and the browser starts to zoom in. This won’t work for me. Thanks for your help!!
(at least I now know what to look for, thanks)

Used this script to prepare for 1 April D-Day, it was very usefull for me. Thanks
I’m all set now :slight_smile:

The speech server isn’t responding anymore. :worried:

Speech still occupies memory, maybe they will clean up later

For me only occupies storage, and that is the voice you selected and downloaded. That part stays and is still working. I like Lotte!

Ok clear ty for the explanation

Btw, liked her too, but she passed away after some upgrade, probably did something inappropiate with the config

Hi, sorry, I’m new. Am I correct in understanding that after today, we will no longer be able to make Homey say things out loud? I had just set up a flow to have homey talk to my Google Home Mini in order to arm my Nest Guard whenever I leave the house. Would be a shame if this didn’t work anymore :frowning:

Homey can talk just fine, just won’t listen anymore, like a true wife/girlfriend.


Ahh ok. Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.