Tell homey to on google assistant

When I try to tell homey to do something through Google assistant. This gets corrected to tell harmony to. Which results in google telling me the harmony app has been retired. How can I fix this? Saying “no I ment” triggers no useable response. This is a constant issue which leaves me unable to use voice commands through homey.

That integration isn’t working anymore for some time.

Read the full announcement here:

For Google Home/assistant integration use this article:

Makes sense. When this happened my homey was in storage due to us remodeling. Sad to hear this.

If you meant using Ggl Assistant voice commands, this is functional.
Check the on/off slider @ …More>Settings>Google Assistant
What happens if you say (to a nest mini) “hey doodle, synchronize devices” ?

Most of my devices sync up properly. I guess I can use virtual switches instead of asking google to run a flow. I’ve also made a catch all iftt solution with events.