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Phrases for Google Assistant


Have been able to connect my Homey to to my Home Mini. But my issue is that I can’t activate any of my Homey flows/scrips via Google Assistant.

I can say “Hey Google, tell home to turn on kitchen”. But the homey only turn on one of the lights in the kitchen, not all?

I would like to be able to tell Homey thru Google Assistant to start a flow called Kitchen(that will turn on all the lights and adapters) and not just turn on the lights called kitchen.

Any suggestions on how I can do that and does anyone have any screenshots of a working flow with Google Assistant?

Cheers / Sebastian

Im at work so cant post a screenshot, but i did it like this:

Microphone tag in the WHEN colom, then something was said containing taking a bath as card. in the THEN colum you can set your actions.
So if i say: hey google, tell homey im taking a bath , the actions in the THEN colum starts

Good luck!

Have you tried the phrase: “Hey Google, tell homey to…”?

Would appreciate if you could show me a screenshot because I’ve tried almost everything. :slight_smile:

Yes, of course but the issue it’s that google don’t tell Homey the problem is that I can’t get Homey to run a flow when I for example say:

Hey google, tell homey ‘hello’ => Hello is a flow and not a ‘device’

This is how i do it with my ventilation:

You can take the flow chart in the then colomn and start a flow, stop, anything is possible

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Big thanks! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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