Questions about homey and google assistant


I am new to homey but i need to use google home so i can talk and interact with.

It`s working perfectly fine, but is there a way for me to use google home to start a flow from a routine?

In my home its me, my wife and kids. They only use the home app since its easyer than having 2. I want google to start a flow when the last person leaves.

Either is not working or i`m not seeing how it works.

It`s not an option to let them use homey app.

Start fav flows, no.
But, you can start these flows with virtual switches (sockets that is). NOTE: “What’s plugged in” should be ‘Kettle’, or feel free to try other device classes.
The default virtual switch or -light doesn’t seem to work anymore in Ghome routines.

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Why haven’t I thought of that! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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