Starting a flow with Google Assistent

In the video Start your Flows with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa - YouTube Alex explains how to start a favorite flow by saying 'Activate this and that flow". That works for me but when my wife tries this, GA says that that device is not set up yet. She is user in Homey and has the app installed on her phone with her own Google account. I have Homey connected in the Google Home app. My wife does not. I tried to connect Homey in her Google Home app as well, but then it disappears in my Google Home app. Don’t know what causes this. Can Homey only be connected to one Google account?? How can I achieve that activating a flow via GA works for her as well??
Any thoughts?

Afaik: yes
Did you invite your wife’s google account to “your (connected to Homey) house” on google home?
That should do the trick I think

I tried to get this working as well. At the end i gave up and removed the connection off all Google acounts (except mine) from the smart speakers/ hubs. In that way google always uses my account and starts the flows at Homey. no matter which voice is being used

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Yes, she is a member of the house in GH.

Yes, that would be an option but we would lose the possibility of each having our own agenda and to ask Google “what is my agenda”. So that’s not an option really.

Maybe this does work (I start all the desired flows this way):

  • you let a virtual switch called ‘Flow A’ start a flow.
  • that v switch should get synced to Ghome.
  • If it did, what happens if your wife tells her google assistant to: “turn flow A on”?

I know about that possibility but the way Alex explains in the video is easier. I wanted to stay away from virtual switches but if there’s no other way, I will have to do it like that.

The only reason for me to want this was to start a flow “Unlock the front door” with a voice command on my Galaxy Watch 4 when I arrive home. The Loqed takes about 7 seconds to unlock. So I wanted to do that before I get out of my car. When I got to the frontdoor, I only have to touch the display and the door opens, without having to wait. This worked with Alex’s method but unfortunately only for me, not for my wife. And starting a routine from the GA on the watch does not work yet. For security reasons, I think. I have contacted support. See what they will come up with.


What I had to do was create flows under my partner’s own Homey Account and add it to her favourites and create a google home routine under her google home account.

So for example I had a flow to switch a tv to channel “Dave”. This was called from my google home account by a routine by just saying “ok google Dave”.

Like you this did not work for my partner.

So, logged in as her, I wrote a small flow that just called my original flow and also logged in as her I created a routine in google home just like mine but calling her flow.

Bit of a faff but it works.

NB this was not required for Alexa.

Hope this helps.

Hi Peter,
The problem is solved already, simply using Google.
I only wanted this to work because I have a Loqed smart lock. When I come home and it is raining, the lock takes about 7 seconds to open from the night-lock postion. I could unlock it sitting in my car and when I would get to the door, I could just touch the lock and it opens. But I just remembered that the Loqed lock is in Google Home, synced from Homey. I can just say to Google Assistant on my Galaxy Watch “Unlock the hallway lock” and GA unlocks it. So not via a GA routine or a Homey flow. The same with locking it. Press a button on my watch and say “Lock the hallway lock”. It works! Easy peasy!