Launch flow with Google Home

I am new here, and I would like to know how I can launch a flow with Google Home, like :
Ok Google, active "name of the flow ";

Thank you

This can be done using the following method:

It’s a bit of a work around. You can’t directly start flow but you can by turning a virtual device on.

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This is possible.
I have this flow;

And if I say: ok google ask Homey Ria is wakker, my flow starts.
I have a google mini in my bedroom, and a google hub in the living room.

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Thank you for your help.
I have created a virtual button. It works with google home, thank you.

You can also use ifttt👍

Does the virtual device show up in Google Home immediately?

Yes/No best if you change something on any of your connected Google devices to do this
Say “Ok Google” then “Sync all devices” then Google should respond with Okej synchronizing all devices from manufactur X

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I did it this way: make the flow you want to be activated and add the flow as a favorite in homey. Ask google to sync devices and make a routine in google assistant when you say something then the action should be: activate flow name of the flow.
It works great!