Google assistant (integrated) to start flow

Hi there,

I’ve searched the forum but haven’t really found an answer yet.
I have integrated Google assistant with Homey (including synchronisation) and I would like to be able to start a flow directly from Google home. E.g. saying: “hey Google, good night”. Then a flow should be activated turning off the lights and arming the alarm. The only response I would like from Google home is “sleep well” as a confirmation that it is activated.

I am so far that it works if I tell google to ask homey to name flow. However, I believe it should work directly now, without the ‘ask homey’ part in between?
Also, Google replies that it is getting Homey, but this feels unnatural and I don’t want that.

So should it work directly like I want, or do we still need the Homey text in between?
If possible, what do I forget?

Edit: I have also seen posts about using a virtual switch. This seems like a lot of extra administrative effort and Google seems to ‘know’ the flows. So perhaps that’s not necessary?

Thanks for the help.

You can only start ‘things’ in Google Home if these are known in GH. A flow is not known in GH so you can not start a flow from GH, unless you are using a VD to start the flow.

Then that explains it. No way around the virtual devices then. Thanks. I hoped GH would know the flows as well.

Make a homey flow card, and connect it to IFTTT via Google home.
And besides, speech on Google home eg Google TTS


When This Flow is started
Then Turn off (your lights)
Turn on (your secuurity system)
Google TTS (good night J_G)