Start commands with Google Home Assistant

Welcome Jeroen.

Hey Google ask Homey………thats not needed anymore. (you could know that if spending some time to read the topics about google home)

For the rest, and for other qustions about it… there are a lot of topics with tons of information about Google home and Homey.

So please try the search option, and if after that still are questions……please ask.


I’ve been searching tons of things, really been reading a lot… And I’ve seen that it should be possible, but it’s not working for me.

He listen to commands set in IFTT, but not for custom commands set in Homey.

Check this example: it’s a dutch sentence which couldn’t be confused with something else or a default google sentence - but still it does nothing:

Any idea?

Make a virtuel switch (jeroen snapt het niet) :rofl:

Flow, when “Jeroen snapt het niet” turn on.

then “the action you want in homey”

just tested it and works fine :+1: Zet jeroen snapt het niet aan

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OK, dus je moet een virtual switch aanmaken? Ik vind echt geen deftige documentatie hoe ik het kan opzetten, en “out of the box” werkt het écht niet bij mij … :slight_smile:

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Ofcourse it doesn`t ,how homey should know that you want have a virtuel switch, thats if its 12.09 hour on a sunday ecxept the 1ste sunday of the month and if its not chrismass should turn on?

Welcome to the world of home automation.

Like i stated before in this topic, most questions be answerd in the forums

You stated

in a few post above, but when i look to your profile…its cleary says read time 19 minutes. maybe your a fast reader but i think you didnt read and search really a lot. :wink: damm that fucking onest statistics :crazy_face:

  • Take your Phone, out of your pocket.

  • if needed unlock it.

  • open the homey app.

  • go to “more”.

  • go to “settings”.

  • go to “experiments”

  • Enable “virtuele devices”.

  • Click the "back :arrow_left: " button.

  • Click the "back :arrow_left: " button again.

  • Go to “Devices”.

  • Click the “+” button.

  • Click the “homey” tab.

  • Click the “virtuele device” tab.

  • Click on “install”.

  • Click “next”

  • the device now will be visible, on the devices “tab”’.

  • open the device.

  • click on the settings symbol, in the right upper corner of your screen.

  • click on name, here you can change the name to “Jeroen snapt het niet”

  • click on the ":heavy_check_mark: " to save it.

  • Go to the “flow” tab.

  • Click on the “+” still in the right upper corner.

  • select (if) “new card”

  • select your device “jeroen snapt het niet”

  • select “on” or “off” what you needed.

  • click the ":heavy_check_mark: ".

  • scroll to the then part.

  • click on “new card”

  • choose your action

  • click on :heavy_check_mark: to save.

and walla.



Too much to read. Can you make it more compact?


Can you make a video on this


Thanks @RoyWissenburg

Geen reden om je druk te maken trouwens, ik registreer me pas als ik een vraag heb, niet ervoor:

“in a few post above, but when i look to your profile…its cleary says read time 19 minutes. maybe your a fast reader but i think you didnt read and search really a lot. :wink: damm that fucking onest statistics :crazy_face:

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Geen probleem, belangrijkste dat het werkt :+1:

Dammit @PetervdK :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No problem, most important its working now :+1:

Errrm, english section? :innocent: :thinking:


Such step by step example clarifies a lot. Let’s have more of those! Thanks


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Thanks for the walkthrough.
For some reason the virtual device will not show up in home assistant, any idea why?

And you did synchronisch it with gh?

Hey google sync my devices

Sommer devices will come up but somer won’t.
I followed the walkthrough for creating a flow that I can use in Google assistant but if i use a virtual button it won’t show up. A virtual switch will though

Yeah it needs to be a virtiual switch, buttons won’t work.

Just awesome thanks…

Hi Moeten,
This article is actually outdated. Nowadays, you are ablo to say, ik googlez start “scene name”. Works like charm!