Homey end of Speech and Google Home integration

I was using Google Home a lot in combination with Homey speech.
I created routines in Google Assistant that I can activate by saying:
“OK Google…” with the action to : “Ask Homey to…”
Where in Homey the flows started with : “If someone says …”
Worked quite OK, for myself as well as all the other family members having their own Homey account and Google account. No need to take extra effort to make it working for them…

Now Homey speech is going to be EOL, so I started to migrate:
Made the flows that I want to start with a google routine favorite
Went to Google Assistant and said “OK Google : Sync my devices”
Changed in Assistant the action of the routines to : "Activate name of the favorite flow "
This all works fine as well, maybe even better :slight_smile: then before. EXCEPT…not for all the other family members :frowning:

Then I realized that favorite flows are specific per user, so I went to the Homey account of my wife and made the same list of flows favorite.
Went to her Google Assistant and said “OK Google : Sync my devices”
Then I got the message (in Google Assistant): Only the person that has added the devices to Homey can sync the devices to Assistant…

And now I’m stuck… Any suggestions?

See Troubles with Activating a flow which was previously done by using ‘ok google, tell homey x” for a similar question and answers.

Thanks for referring. I see indeed answers, but no solutions…

Well for Mini, Nest and such, use the same account for all smart speakers, and verify voices for all members in the home.

Your wife won’t know the difference as the assistant will recognise het voice and use het account for calendar etc, but the shared account for flows.

EDIT: This isn’t true - adding voice match breaks access to the flows!

Alternatively, instead of using flows, you can create switches to start flows. These devices are shared between family members in the same home.

That is of course, if you invited them to your home in google home.

First of all, thanks for trying to help me, much appreciated
But I’m not sure if I understand.
I’m using google home and google hub, you’re suggesting to use a family account on these to talk to homey?
Can I train that family account with all voices of the family?
Then when somebody in my family wants to add something to the agenda then how does hub or home know that it now should be added to her agenda and not to the family agenda.

I have linked all hubs and minis to my account, and my account is linked to Homey. That is because I am the one that set up the house in Google Home. In Google Home you can add family members to the house. That way they can see all the devices in your home.

And yes, if you start the procedure to recognize the voice of each family member, then any smart speaker will recognize them by voice, and link their account to that voice. They will need to allow the speaker to access the account if it recognizes their voice.

You can see it best on a hub, because the profile picture of the voice that is recognised will show up in the upper right corner. And at that time it will use their account if they ask what is in their calendar as such. So now, any one in the house can use any smart speaker in the house as if the smart speaker was linked to their account.

Hmm yes. That’s exactly what I have, I think.
So yes if any of my family member talks to the hub then it shows their name and icon in the top right on the hub
What might be different ( but I’m not sure) is that I asked them to link their own google account to Homey. Should I unlink that?

Just to be sure: any of your family member can ask google to activate a flow which you have set as favorite in your homey account.

Before you unlink all personal speakers to link them to the main account you can test your setup with the account that has the flows.

And yes, every family member can start flows (we use the word start, not activate, but hey). Also, if I set up routines on he main account that use flows, they can trigger that routine as well. So you can invent you own sentences or even use single words to activate the corresponding flow. I use routines a lot to create alternative phrases to activate flows.

Sounds a lot like what I do.
I have it working with my own account, I have quite a number of routines running. The only thing that isn’t working is that the rest of my family cannot initiate these voice activated routines.
Now I’m not sure whether that is because they are linked direct to homey with their google account. Or whether I have added them wrongly on the google hub/home

You add the family members to your household to give them access to the devices:

And this is how every one trains voices: Link your voice to your devices with Voice Match - Android - Google Assistant Help

Yes that’s what I have. By I also have them as connected ( gekoppelde) accounts on google home and google hub?
Should i Unconnect these

All smart speaker devices should only be connected to the home through the main account.

So I tried with one of my family members not having their google account connected to home/hub. Indeed that works fine, routines that I have created ( being the main account) are started and homey flows are activated.
So action is apparently to unconnect the connected accounts for home/hub.

Just for conformation. I have for my household the same as you

But you don’t have what I have when looking at the smartspeakers themselves under settings-> herkenning en delen

I do, but as long as the right one is on top, I figure the assistant is ok with it.

Hmmm, That’s what I have. The right one is on top, but still it is not working for the other family members
Getting desperate now :frowning:

Last thing that could be different is that the other family members have their homey account and google account linked as well…

I have a similar setup with the screenshots above. But isn’t working (Troubles with Activating a flow which was previously done by using 'ok google, tell homey x").

@Frank_van_de_Schuur I share your desperation. It was working so nicely and the though of having to make digital buttons for each flow I want to access from the member accounts doesn’t really have my fancy :confused:

I don’t think that it is possible to have multiple accounts tied to the same Homey link to multiple Google accounts. As far as I know it is like Highlander: “There can be only one”. The last person to link the account is likely the only fully active one.

The best way to test is to have each family member make a flow with their name, make this favorite for that person alone and synchronize with Homey from their Google Home app account (so not by asking Homey, because who knows which flows will be synced).

Then if all have done that, they should all go to Google Home to create a routine, and try to add a scene. (I’d advise to do the main account last… If everyone only sees their own flow, then it looks like Homey can sync for all of them, and not share info between accounts. Would be even nicer if they were combined. But I’m kind of expecting that only the last one will se his or her flow and the rest will see nada.

Then you should try asking the assistant to execute some of these flows. I think every one should be able to call the flow of the last person, but no one elses. But I could be proven wrong.

If I,’m right and there is only one flow visible, then it is probably wise to unlink all the others, in case they have a broken connection, It might be if they sync, the favorites will be wiped or something.

Yep, but do not despair @Edwin_D has it working so we should be able to do so as well.

This is not working, as I mentioned in one of my original posts.
Only the person who has added the devices at the start (the main account I guess) can sync devices, thats the message Google gives

@Maaike Question, do you have multiple google accounts connected to you smart speakers?
And is each separate google account connected to their own Homey Account?