Troubles with Activating a flow which was previously done by using 'ok google, tell homey x"

With the speech recognition being cancelled in Homey I have an issue activating favourite flows from different google (assistent) accounts.

my google setup:
a family account is used for my google home/household setup (also making this account the only on allowed to “sync devices” with homey)
each of the family members are “people in the household” having “manager” access

my homey setup:
household member 1 is owner of homey
other household members & the family account are managers in homey.

With speech recognition each household member could use their google assistent to say “tell homey x” either by directly saying this phrase or using it in routines. X being the phrase we put as trigger in a flow.
But this doesn’t work for the “activate y” y being a favorite flow’s name. which we’ll have to use once speech recognition is turned off. “activate y” only works on the google assistent of the family account. Which is obviously not what we want.

Hopefully somebody can help me out

I had trouble to figure out why you had a problem, until I realized it may be different for phones (vs smart speakers).

All my smart speakers are linked to the main account, and this smart speaker is recognizing other family members by voice, so it can give them their calendar info and such.

That means favorite flows can be activated by everyone, as they are passed though to that main account. You can also define Google Home routines on the main account that can be activated by anyone. That is, except for some built in ones I think.

But now you mention it, my kids and wife are not able to give Homey all the same commands using their phone. I’ve never tried that until now. They can turn on devices as they can see those in their Google Home, but they cannot activate flows. Under family link it is even worse, because they are not allowed to be a member of the home.

The “old” ways can work for them, which is to create a virtual switch that they can turn on to activate a flow linked to it. There are multiple threads here that explain how to do that. Remember to make the flow so it switches the virtual switch off after use, otherwise you cannot activate flow the second time (because the switch is already on).

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You will find more defails about the topic here: Homey end of Speech and Google Home integration

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