Can 2 users activate a flow using Google Assistent

I have created flows, both advanced and normal, and i have synced with Google Home. I can activate my flows using Google Assistent, but when my husband tries to activate the flows, he cannot. The same goes for the other way around.
We have both synced to Google Home, and we have both made the flows favorite.


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In Google Home you can chokes the automation for you familie or you yourself. It’s the Home assistent that is the issue. Make a new automation for your family (is your husband registers as family momber?)


Thank you for your answer.

I do not use automations in Google Home since we connected it to Homey. When we only had Google Home we mostly used the automations for our family.

Is there a place i need to tell Google Home that my Flows in Homey can be activated by all family members?

Thank you.

Question. You have made the flows. and without using automations in google home you can activate the flows with google assistent?

I have the same problem. My girlfriend can’t activate flows I made for her.

When I say good morning it activates Flow “Marcus is awake”. It all works good.

When my gf says good morning it should activate Flow “Lulu is awake”. But google assistant doesn’t understand that.

We are in the same family in google home settings. What’s wrong?