How to disable Google Home suggestion to add a flow card to say something back

I have google home successfully integrated with Homey. I can start flows seamlessly by talking to Google Home as much as I want.
Now Google keeps on suggesting that I can add a flow card ’say something’ to be able to talk again in the same flow.
(In dutch: je flow is gestart je kunt zeg eens kaartje aan je flow toevoegen om…)
I don’t want this!

Any clue how I can turn it off?

Hi Frank,
How can I start a “Homey Flow” within Google assist? I use different action within Google but I never saw a HomeyFlow in Google Assist

The integration of Google Home and Homey is very well described in Homey support pages

After doing this you can simply have a flow triggered by a flow card “somebody says something specific”
If you want to start an existing flow then you just create a second flow triggered by a flow card “somebody says something specific” and in Then place a flow card start flow

Ik heb het opgelost door mijn flow te starten met een Virueel Apparaat.
Stel ik wil mijn airco aanzetten!
Maak dan een Virtueel apparaat aan genaamd Airco.
Deze zet je in je “When” kaartje, waarna je de rest kan aanpassen wat je wilt dat er gaat gebeuren.
Zo voorkom je het geen wat je nu hebt.

Vergeet niet om tegen Google te zeggen dat hij moet synchroniseren, dan komen je virtuele apparaten ook mee namelijk.

Thanks for the suggestion. Though that will not work for all my flows.
For instance I am telling my Homey (via Google) to set the radio of my Marantz receiver to a specific channel. I doubt whether this can be done via virtual device…
Still hoping someone has the final solution :thinking:

Just do as Google says and add such a card :joy:

It’s very dangerous these times not listening to Google, with al the access they have, they can make your life hell :wink:

Actually I did for one flow. Thinking that after that, Google would be intelligent enough to understand that I know how to do this and it could stop hinting.
Unfortunately Google is quite stubborn, so this didn’t work.

Still hoping someone has the final solution, but fear nobody does.

Why don’t you just create a virtual device that you use as a trigger for the flow?
You could then tell Google to turn on the virtual device that in Homey, when switched on, triggers the flow you want.

The flow, in the case you mentioned, turns on the Marantz, delayed switch to Radio Channel ”XX”. And the Virtual device is called ”XX” or ”Radio XX”.
The you tell Google -Turn on ”XX” or ”Radio XX”.

Create one flow and VD for every radiochannel you want to be able to turn on.

Yeah that would solve this usecase but it does not solve other usecases. Or…at least it would be rather strange workaround for other usecases.

For instance I have a flow in which I tell google to ask Homey to increase the volume of zone 2 of my Marantz receiver. In your suggestion I would have to make a VD (eg. zone 2 volume) to trigger this flow and tell google to turn on this device: ask Homey to turn on zone 2 volume
Thats rather strange in my view, and not logical to explain to the rest of my household.

Note that I have additional flows for: in/decreasing volume of main zone, in/decreasing volume of mian/second zone a lot! etc etc.

I would have to create VD’s for all of these flows and use strange commands, like the example above.
I’d rather use logical sentences and maybe somewhere in future Google stops given me hints…

I suppose you don’t have an Marantz with HEOS support? I do and Google Assistant have support for HEOS, but not fully in Europe yet. But I can at least, when I have started for example Spotify music in Zone 2, tell google just ”skip song” ”turn volume down” etc.

And by the way, you dont have to tell Google to tell Homey first. Just say ”Hey Google, turn on Radio Zone 2 (or whatever you call your virtual device). As long as you have told Google to synchronize devices

Nope, no HEOS :frowning:
And yes indeed I don’t have to add the words “ask homey” when having a virtual device synced with google. However I still think it is rather awkward to say Hey Google, turn on volume zone 2 when i want to increase the volume…
I do appreciate your effort of trying to help me though, thanks for that!

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To bypass having to tell google to turn on a virtual device I use Google Routines (unfortunately it’s not yet available in Dutch). This way I can say lots of stuff and make everything I want happen through a virtual device + flows. For example I say “Game time”, it turns on the TV, switches to HDMI which turns on my PlayStation, or I can say “Make it cosy” and it dims the lights, casts a fireplace to my chromecast etc… Maybe this helps in your setup :wink:

Yep read about that already somewhere in the community, that would be a solution indeed.
However as you pointed out already, not available in Dutch :frowning: