Trigger Google Home routine from Homey flow


I have recently acquired a new Homey Pro and I really like it. Unfortunately I was not able to add all of my devices and I still rely in Home routines to handle them. The problem is that I would like to execute or trigger an existing Home routine as part of a Homey flow. I have made a hilarious temp solution where I make Homey say ‘ok google’ but this is far from aceptable :slight_smile: . Any help or suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

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Unfortunately, you’ve already found the only way Homey can trigger a Google routine - via the speaker.

Depending on the devices you want to control with Homey, you might be able to use IFTTT as a workaround. I’d also recommend posting in the suggestions topic elsewhere on the forum to see if a developer might be willing to develop an app for your devices.

Thanks Cory. This is really unfortunate but I will give IFTTT a try.

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out of curiosity what are you attempting? Just wondering if there is a way to have Homey perform the routine as a flow. I have a house full of Google Assistant devices and use them to start some flows, usually with voice commands but haven’t, maybe yet, wanted or needed to go the other way

Hi Philip, I have for example some switches and light bulbs in the garden (woox and tapo branded) which I want to make part of my flows. Since I can’t add them I can only control them from Goggle Home. An example would be to trigger a routine when a door alarm sensor state changes to ‘open’ which will handle all these devices. Since I’m just getting into this its more learning and curiosity.

I haven’t heard of those brands. Can Homey not find them to add them?

I held off buying a Homey for a year, was drawn to them because I really liked how they appeared to work and they seemed to me to be more approachable than other solutions while still making it possible to connect devices from differing brands and wireless protocols. I also wanted to build up a decent collection of devices to actually integrate. Finally got my Homey Pro just before Christmas just passed and found it easy to set up. Initial thoughts were very promising, they were followed by a learning curve and I was a bit daunted with the task of setting up all these flows, some frustration with getting my head around the logic involved. But, and this is a kind of warning…when you get going it is addictive :slight_smile:
The app developers have in my experience been brilliant, they want to make this work so approach them gratefully and they will help. Even Athom, who do get a bit of a rough time on here occasionally have been good with their responses to queries, their own “official” apps are getting worked on. It is a huge task and if anything they are understaffed. It’s a tricky business model to get right.
Ask questions and you should find that the responses are helpful. Allow a bit of patience for language obstacles and translations that do sometimes come across as narky, I don’t think any of the developers want to be narky.

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Thanks for your reply and advice Philip. Yes, I just started with this and constantly have new ideas to add more stuff, having now a little more experience I can select better the devices and these little challenges also makes it fun. I really like the community here, have been really helpful.

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In my Google “good morning” routine, Google plays some news channels. I would like to have those triggered from a Homey flow. Is this possible?

The answer is already there, the first on top of this post:

So no, unless you put Homey besides a smart speaker and have Homey ask Google to read the news.

Couldn’t you create a virtual device in homey and the routine triggers in GH from that device state?

This is in Dutch but google translate can help you.
If you have any questions left please let me know.

i make it working installing a google home mini near my Homey.
Then in my flow i use the “discours” trigger to make Homey talking. First say “Ok google” then a second action saying the name of the routines with a 2 sec delay.
Now my Homey is launching anything (commands or routines) with voice :slight_smile:


@Ria_Banis er is nu een app voor de LG Wasmachines.

Bedankt voor de tip. Inmiddels heb ik de ontwikkelaar geholpen dmv toegang verlenen tot mijn wasmachine en eea te testen. De app loopt als een tierelier en de eerste wassen zijn al op zonnestroom gedraaid.

Goed om te horen, ik moet het zelf nog even qua zonnepanelen en wassen op de rit zetten.
Maar de saldering loopt nog even :slight_smile:

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