First day with Homey - a few points for improvement

I’m still waiting for some devices I ordered to be delivered so I haven’t been able to experiment as much as I’d like, but there are a few practical functions missing that surprised me:

  • I can’t run flows or toggle devices via Android widgets. I know there are workarounds, but this seems like it should be integrated into the app itself.

  • I can’t have multiple triggers for the same flow. (“a button is pressed” OR “a motion sensor is active” OR “it’s X time” etc. all triggering the same effect.) It’d help cut down on the flow clutter, since now I have several flows that are purely "X happens, other!flow activates.

  • This is minor, but in the flow overview (“show all”) I wish I could tap on a folder name to minimize/collapse it. I can already foresee having a lot of flows and folders and that would make navigating the list easier. A way to search for flows would also help. (Is there a way and did I miss it?)

  • Flows aren’t accessible as scenes from within Google Home. I now have to use the “virtual devices” workaround if I want to activate a scene via a routine. This works, but it’s clunky and fills both apps with unnecessary devices (and fills Homey with unnecessary flows). Other apps/services I use (Hue, Broadlink, Meross) do show their scenes in Google Home. Since Homey is now reliant on Google Home/Echo devices for voice control this seems like a necessary feature.

  • Also GH-related: I can’t choose whether to sync a device to GH. This would prevent doubles - I now just stick them in a different home but that shouldn’t be necessary.

Overall though, I’m really happy with what I’ve seen of Homey so far and I’m looking forward to playing around with it more. I’m moving into a larger house soon and that’ll give me so many more options in terms of devices - I’m really excited.

If you are at the OR, just make another card, push and drag this below and a next OR will display. Maximum if three OR’s. The same goes for the THEN part, drag below and you get an ELSE possibility

I’m talking about the initial trigger though, the WHEN. It’s not possible to have any “OR” there, as far as I can tell.

That’s correct

Duplicate the flow and change the trigger

That has the exact same result as what I’m already doing: it creates an extra flow. My issue is with all the unnecessary flows doing the exact same thing, when it could be condensed into a single flow with multiple potential triggers.

Well thats not possible, only can have one trigger.

I know it’s not currently possible. That’s why I listed it as a feature I’d like to see.

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And I agrea would save me a lot flows, luckely the amount of flows does not affect homeys responce time, as far as I have noticed.

Are you aware of the “this flow is started” card for the WHEN column? Make a flow with this card and all your actions. Then create separate flows for each trigger and in the then column only the card “flow - start” where you can select the first flow mentioned. It is still a workaround, but prevents duplication.

That’s what I’m doing; it works fine, I just feel like having multiple possible triggers would be far more efficient and uncluttered.

I originally thought the same thing. But I found creating a flow that starts with “when this flow is started” and have the multiple “trigger flows” such as a motion sensor activating, to be fine. Actually I found it handy sometimes that I had multiple trigger flows triggering a single separate flow. The best thing is organising the flows into folders, this helped me to categorise and sort them better.