Google assistant scenes, homey flows and virtual switches

So…I tried searching for this, but “scene” seems to be a widely used term. I hope I can ask for an explanation of the differences.

My Google Assistant has support for triggering scenes, which does not correlate well with my list of scenes. Two of my flows, however, are to be found here with the prefix “Flow” (which isn’t in the name I’ve given my flows). Examples are “Flow All on” (corresponding with my “All on” flow) and “Flow Mood light” (corresponding with my “Mood light” flow). These are actually the only two in the list of scenes in Assistant. I’ve got loads more flows in Homey.

Up until now I’ve used virtual switches to launch my flows, which has worked pretty well - BUT…is there a way to launch flows (as scenes) directly without the virtual device?

Can someone tell me how these wound up in the list? Are there certain actions that will make them appear/disappear from the list of scenes?

This has been bugging me to different degrees for a while, but it’s one of these things that are now bothering me mostly because I cannot find the answer.


And they are all placed in the favorite flows section? Because only that flows will appear in Google after a device sync like “Hey google, sync my devices”

Thanks. In my favorites section, I have “All on”, “All off” and “Mood light (TV)”. I can explain that Assistant might filter out parenthesis for various reasons, but there’s still one flow missing.

EDIT: FWIW I did a re-sync, but it’s still just the two.

And they all have the same trigger?

Yes, they all have “When…This Flow is started”

I have added 6 flows in my Homey favorites. 4 can be started manually, 2 only by a “automatic” trigger (I.e not manually).

Only the 4 flows that can be started manually are visible as scene in Google Home routines. That behavior is consistent if I add other flows to favorite.

I’ve also been able to start a listed flow from a google routine without using a virtual switch by marking it in the scenes list of the routine.