Google Home doesn’t recognize favorite flows (anymore)

I’m using Google Home for starting some flows. These flows are recognized as favorite in Homey. It did work, until last week. I deleted some of the old flows and made new ones. But the new favorite flows are not visible as a scene in GH. The old ones (who are not favorite anymore in Homey) are still visible as a scene in GH.


  • the slide for Google Assistant in Homey settings is on.
  • I “synced al devices” in Google Assistant.
  • I set the new flows at the top of the favorite list in Homey.
  • I did push on “check new devices” for Homey in the settings of GH.

None of them work. I really don’t want to reinstall Homey in GH because of all the devices already set in GH (and the double devices in another “home”).

Someone recognizes this problem? And more important, does someone has a solution?

I don’t use fav flows, I created a virtual switch for each flow I want to start by voice.
The virtual switches are synced with GH if

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For some of the flows that I frequently use (also within Homey as a “modus”) i also made a VD to use it with GH. But i don’t want to have a VD for all the flows I want to use with GH, because this will be to much virtual devices. I want to keep the devices list “clean and tidy” :blush:.

And it just bugging me because it worked just fine until last week haha.