New Homey Not Responding to Any Speech

Hi, just got my homey (finally). Have added some devices and created a coupe of flows driven by voice.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to get ti to respond to anything - I have tried ‘OK Homey’ and the words to trigger the flow, or just the words - home does not respond at all.

Do I have to change a setting somewhere - firmware 2 by the way.

Both Homey (Early 2019) and Homey Pro have received a hardware update. Compared to previous revisions, we have decided to remove NFC and the Microphones because both features were rarely used and the latter never met our highest quality standards.

More background:

Say what now? Your ‘upgrade’ was to remove the microphones. How do I use speech control on this ‘upgraded’ device?

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Why do I even have the ‘when someone says something specific’ cards available

This is going straight back for a refund if this is really the case.

FFS - talk about changing things without telling anyone

I should spend less time here, people start accusing me of being one from Athom :joy:

I don’t understand why they removed the mic either, already lost a bet (beers) to @TedTolboom cause I couldn’t believe it.
Like the article says: google and Alexa are better for voice…


Talk about false advertising

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@bvdbos and if I don’t have any of those devices because I bought a homey???

OMG - this is so disappointing - what a pile of shit…

I have a 2016-Homey. Trust me: you’re not missing out on speech recognition :slight_smile:
They wouldn’t have stopped that part if it was good enough :slight_smile:

and on the other hand: what does a mic cost? I can image NFC is affecting Homey’s other radio’s so I understand they removed that.

@Bram maybe it’s an idea to remove the speech link on the website…

Doesn’t speech still work through the phone… Siri, Alexa, whoever :slight_smile:

They all work flawlessly

@Hannes85 please explain what you mean. Do I have to get my mobile phone out every tiem I want to speak yo my homey?

@Conrad_Winchester you may be frustrated but please “Be polite”.

You can also speak through an Alexa or google home or apple home device. (Alexa seems more natural at the moment) as well as using your phone. (which you dont actually need to get out to use, on newer phones).

Hi @Conrad_Winchester, i also spend an afternoon speaking to my new Homey with ‘Ok Homey…’ when i realised there was no mic :joy::man_facepalming:t2:

There are some pretty good tutorials here which combines Siri, Google or Alexa with Homey. I work with Siri and i must say i’m very happy with it, but in my case i always carry my iPhone with me. On the other hand i also have a lot of flows that do not need speech commands in order to start.

Maybe you can hang around here before returning your Homey and try to find some info which might work for your setup despite the fact you can’t use direct voice commands to Homey.

Good luck :+1:t4:

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So, here’s my main issue. I wanted one device to bridge voice control to my smart devices. This is what I was promised with the Homey. They are still promising this!

Unfortunately they removed a key piece of advertised, functionality and you have to look at their blog from a year ago or an announcement about software updates to see that they have sneakily removed what seemed like two core core piece of hardware.

If I had wanted two device I would have bought a much cheaper Google Home Mini and some kind of bridge - saving a lot of money. Instead I was misled by the advertising and and bought a very expensive bridge without voice control. Very annoying.

That is why it is packed and ready to ship back immediately.


Trust me m8, as @bvdbos said, the voice recognition was less than average on Homey, anyway. I turned off the mic on my Homey more than a year ago. There is always an iPhone around (without even have to go and pick it up) all I have to say “Hey Siri, turn dim living room lights to 50%” and that Siri 99.99% of the time recognises my voice.

On the other hand, I agree with you with the fact that Athom should have removed that part from their website…

I second that. But I would also suggest that Athom should remove the mic related cards from the flow editor when using a 2019 Homey model. Now it’s just confusing you can actually choose cards which you cannot use.


Despite the quality arguments i think @Conrad_Winchester has legitimate arguments returning his Homey.

Athom missed out on outstanding (or maybe forgotten) parts of their marketing activities where they had to remove old functionality/tutorials etc instead of referring to some newsletter or news update.

You can, just not with the built-in microphone…