Speech not working in 2.0

I had some flows that Homey would speak upon initiation. It is not speaking now but rest of the flows still work.

anyone has this issue and know how to solve it?


Just to be sure, your volume is on?

Die you enable speech in the experiments menu?

More->settings->experiments-> enable speech?

yes it is

yes speech is enabled as well

Is a voice enabled (settings-speech) and does playing other sounds through Homey work (i.e. through soundboard)?

when i adjust the volume, i could hear it. i restarted homey again and it’s working now…

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speech stopped working again. i kinda think there’s some sort of bug there but can’t pinpoint. restarting homey makes it work again.

I have the same issue. Suddenly the flows using speech would not speak anymore. Volume is at maximum. Playing soumnds thrue soundboard works. Previewing voices in the settings works aswell. Having a flow card saying somthing using the speech flow card does not work.

I just restarted homey and the speech came back. Will have to wait to see if it dissapears again.


Same issue here.
After restarting Homey, speech is working for a period of time.
I have restarted Homey at least 4 times this month for speech .

Maybe take a look at your memory. This could be a result of memory leak problems they have which could cause the speech to drop because Homey is too busy with the former commando.
In the older firmware this often caused garbled speech, may now it won’t talk at all.
Do you have the speech card before or after the commando?

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This sounds to me as a memory leak somewhere. As @PetervdK also states check the memory usage in the app and see if there are any huge chunks for memory.

these days, rebooting does not bring speech back anymore. getting frustrated