Homey stops talking in flows after 2 day after reboot -> What can i do?

Homey stops with talking (speech flows) after 2 day’s after rebooting the homey
When i go to setting , speech i can change the voice and i hear homey speak. The flows work but the speech/talking is not there.

What can i DO ?

First make sure the volume is set to 100%

Then thing I always recommend is changing the power supply if you purchased your home before January.

Finally contact support with your issue, there may be a problem with your homey and they will be able to help.


And a question,
what firmware are you on?
Do you have and use a flow that sends the infrared and the say something ?
It sounds like an old but that should have been be fixed some time ago.

Ik heb dit ook wel eens, ik herstart de Homey nu autmatisch elke dag via een flow.
I too have this issue. I restart homey in a flow every day to make sure it works.

If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate and help you.

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