Spawn Enomem!

Hi Jamie, please put a bit more effort in your problem description :wink:

  • “The App”: Which of the 700 apps would that be?
  • “resetted the Homey”: Which model, did you really factory reset it, or did just restarted it? And did you a soft restart, or a PTP (pull the plug for over 5 minutes or so). There is a difference in those ways of restarting.
  • “Enomem”: This means like ‘out of memory’, first result of search:

Screenshot from 2024-02-02 01-14-23


How to ask a question the best way:


Searching for enomem at the forum,
told me you have to PTP Homey to ‘solve’ it:

In English: PTP did the job.

Please notify Athom support as well with your issue, while Spawn Enomem is not supposed to happen imho.

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