Unable to install apps

I had problems with my Sonos system not working from homey. Only fix was to restart the app.

I un-installed the Sonos app but now I’m not able to Install it again. Please help

Have you ever restarted Homey?

Restarted several times.
Updated to 10.3.5
Unplugged for an hour before connecting again.

Do you have more than one Homey ?

Nope. I have a bridge connected to my setup though.

Afaik a timeout could also be a problem with the Internet and/or WLAN/LAN connection. Have you already checked this?
And have you tried to install the app from another source, e.G. PC or laptop?

Even if that doesn’t work, my recommendation is to contact Athom’s support.

I have an ethernet adapter as well.
Managed to install when I disconnected my Bridge but the downside is no connectivity in my basement.

Support contacted 10 days ago. No reply so far…

I regularly get a lot of timeouts after the latest update post 10.3.x