New (sonos) app installatin failed

Hi all,

When installing the Sonos app (or any other app) the homey ring turns over to a blue circle.
After a few seconds there is shown a error “network request failed”.
On the homey is the sonos application visible but is not configurable.
Also in “flows” there is now option to select a play list.

I already restart the honey.
I also renew the power adapter
I also re-assign my homey account…
The homey self works okey.
so if someone has a good sugestion that will be nice.

Manu Thanks…

You could try deleting the app, restart Homey, install the app and install your Sonos devices. Or same procedure, but pull the plug for at least 15 minutes.

Do you have Sonos on the same wifi as Homey? Do not know for sure, but that’s what i have, and just maybe that is relevant.

Hi Marcel,

Cheched your sugestions… no result.
The app is beeing installed but no configuration options.

Thanx for your response

And what exactly u wanna configure?
Just add the app and , after that, add the Sonos devices.
Go to the devices tab, click the + sign in the top right corner and choose Sonos.