Adding Sonos devices 5.0.9 2.1.1

Hi! Iam expiricing problems while adding a sonos device to my homey… During the last step in the adding proc. a “400 bad request” error apears… already did a reinstall end reboot…

Someone with tips or the same expierence?


Not happened at my Installation. Was able to add all Speakers without any issues. Can you recheck the Permissions given to use the Sonos API?
What Software are you using at Homey / Sonos and App?
What Sonos Speakers would you like to add?

Thanks for the reply.

Solved this yesterday, my 3 sonos devices where connected over 3 diffrent Unifi APs (same ssid). Probably a problem with arp requests between the homey and sonos. Temp. connected the devices to the same ap solved the adding problem!