Sonos v3.0.1

On the Homey app under apps, the sonos app v3.0.1,is constantly trying to load. Tried enabling, updating and even uninstalling, all without succes. Any ideas

I’m not using the Sonos app, but I see v4.2.0 from 24.01.19 in Are you certain about the version you tried to install?

Yes it is stuck on v3. 0.1 and because I can’t uninstal or update it I don’t know what to do

Did you try to press install in the appstore? Then it just overwrites the old version.

Installing vis the appstore just let’s the the blue led turn on Homey but no change until I unplug it

Grtz, Joachim

Blue running led means “downloading” but is stands still? Best send a mail to ?

This works for me.

Reboot Homey
Remove App
RE-install App

After that it works fine.

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Than works perfect now

Grtz, Joachim