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Sonos vs. Homey, Beta yes or no

Is it useful to update the Sonos App to the Beta version. I still have incorrect or missed circuits regularly?

For example, in the morning when you get up, Sonos often do not switch from Spotify to Radio or the Sonos speaker does not switch on at all.

I’d love to hear your tips and experiences.

Thanks in advance!

Running stable homey (1.5.12) and the sonos beta (4.0.13). No problems what so ever.

I go to try! Thanks.

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Works well! :smiley: Anyone the Soundboard integration working with Sonos?

U said u was going to try!

Not working for me, circle keeps turning,

Which versions of apps ur using? Like Sonos and soundboard?


replaced Soundboard with Beta version, same result.

edit: The sound is still not played, but now the time that the sound should play, the speaker is silent! This is after a reset of Homey. Circle stops turning also now.

Same here, soundboard not working with Sonos, speaker is silent while soundboard sound should play.

It works for me now! Sonos Beta and Soundboard Beta with .wav file

Good to hear Gertjan, do you know if there is still a 900 kb filesize limit for the audio file. WAV files are much larger then MP3.

Yes 900 kb