Playing sound from Soundboard on SONOS speakers

I have a Homey Pro (2023) and want to play a mp3 file uploaded in Soundboard (v3.0.3) on my Sonos speakers, but I’m missing several cards in the SONOS app (v6.2,2), including the "Play Soundboard sound at volume .

Since when? Anything changed? Anything happened?

The card is available in my system:

Have you already restarted the apps and Homey?
This is generally not necessary, but it may solve the problem.

The card has never been available. Is there anything I need to do in order for the Sonos app to understand that there is also a Soundboard app installed?

maybe you have to add/import ‘sounds’ to Soundboard app?

I did upload a mp3 file already.

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Interesting, because I’m not able to choose a new favorite, which I made in the original Sonos smartphone app, with the corresponding flow card. Tried it in the WebApp incl. deleting cookies etc., tried it in the Homey smartphone app restarted the Homey Sonos App already several times and Homey itself. On Sonos side I guess there is nothing I can do.

So I will contact the support from Athom.

I’m missing 6 “Then” cards in my setup compared to what is shown here:

Hi Thomas, i have the same. How did you resolved this? What was the answer from Athom helpdesk?

It wasn’t resolved. I believe my Sonos speakers are to old. I use the Sonos1 app from the Apple Appstore.