SONOS and Soundboard

I have a SONOS S2 system and I would like to use the Soundboard app to play a custom MP3 sound.
I have installed the Soundboard app and uploaded a MP3 file. If I hit the play button, I can hear Homey playing the MP3, so I know that the MP3 has been uploaded to Homey correctly.

But when I create my flow, and select the “Play a Soundboard sound”, SONOS will not play the custom sound. Even if I hit the “Test” button, nothing gets played. Homey only shows a green tickmark that the command has been executed.

Is the Soundboard app broken?

FYI, if I use the “Play a Sound” option and select one of the predefined sounds, it works as expected.

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Works for me without any problems:

But of course, you have to choose the MP3 file:

If no sound is available, maybe it helps to restart the Soundboard app.

Sonos App: v6.2.1
Soundboard App: v3.0.1

I have the same versions of those apps.

I can see all the uploaded MP3s on the Soundboard app, and I can also select an MP3 file. So the flow looks fine. Except that it does not play any sounds on my SONOS.

I have restarted the Soundboard app, but still nothing is being played.

It looks like something is blocking Homey from playing a sound over my network…

No problem here also, did you look at the volume?

Yes, I have tested it with different settings of the volume, nothing is being played (no sound).

I had same problem that some MP3’s didn’t play.
I re-encoded the MP3’s and can play them all now.

If I use the “Play URL” on the same MP3 ( then SONOS will play that MP3 without any problems.

If I download that MP3 to the Soundboard app, I hear nothing :frowning:

Are you sure the Amp is a S2 device and not a S1. I have an older Play-Bar (S1), and that one can not play from Soundboard, while the newer Play-One can.

The AMP is listed as S1 and S2 compatible. I will run some test if I can play something on my Arc.

Hi @Hamster, there is a test version of the Soundboard app available (Link).

Version 3.0.2 — Fixed an issue for Sonos.

So maybe this version will fix your issues.

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v3.0.2 fixes the problem, I can now hear the MP3 being played on my SONOS!


The same problem with these:





SOME files will play. other not.

EDIT:Converted them again, all 9 .wav-files is OK as .mp3.

Bug or feature?

Don’t know.

Have you compared the files which can be played and which cannot be played? Size? Stereo/Mono? Sampling rate? Bit rate?

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Hi Dirk, thanks for your reply.

No pattern which can be to help. Deleted the «old» .wav-files when .mp3-files worked.

Sorry… :see_no_evil:

No problem.

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