Older sonos player with soundboard

Sonos App 5.0.11.
soundboard 2.0.5

It is possible to play an mp3 clip via an URL even on older sonos players.
There is an option to use soundboard but only for the new range of sonos player.
Isn`t it possible to modify soundboard to reach the audio clips via an URL. This would make it possible to use older Sonos players with soundboard.

Second option :
make ist possible to store a sound file on homey directly to use the URL path in the sonos app.

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I also have some old Sonos devices. With soundboard I was able to upload some mp3 files and playback them. I don’t use that anymore and do not know if soundboard changed. I did use it on homey 2.0.

Still works!

Thx for your reply!

Which version of the sonos and soundbar app do you use?

Actual comment in the app store for sonos app v5.0.11 - 22.05.19:

Currently, the only players that support audio clips are Sonos One, Amp, Play:5 (gen 2), and Beam.

Strange, if it works in an older version.

Sonos 5.011 en soundboard 2.05. I use a playbar en sonos 1 en 3, all older ones

They went to a/the new API of Sonos, which only presents those options for the new devices, nothing Athom can do about that, unless they want to revert back, and lose a lot of other options they implemented now.

So you should blame Sonos for not supporting the older devices anymore, but I guess their own reason, people having to buy their new devices, has more power at their side.

I use the same app versions.

Does it work with the sonos1?

Is a typical player icon for each player visible? In my flows I see only an identical icon with the text „Sonos“ for each player.

I haven’t select a sound file in the soundbar app yet, maybe that the reason.

I will check it in the afternoon.

Thx for now!

Ok, but with the new api it is possible to play a file via an URL path because it’s integrated in the sonos app 5.0.11

I wouldn’t like to set up a web server only to call an audio file. Maybe soundboard could route the URL from an audio file which is stored on homey to sonos.

What do you think?

Strange that I have the option for soundboard in my flow. Will test it at home.

Just tried it and does work properly.

Marcel could you please try to add the soundboard/sonos feature in a new flow with the sonos1 (not sonos one, right?) thx in advance

Ok, the reason why your configuration still works is described here:

Aha duidelijk waarom het nog werkt.

Back to this original question: Is it possible to address to a sound, that is stored in Soundboard.App, via an URL? And if possible, how should this URL look like?
[http://IP-ADDRESS-OF-YOUR-HOMEY/api/app/com.soundboard/…] ???

Now I’m using this, “stealing” from Athom:
But I prefer to have it local from Homey/Soundboard.
Please advise.

Thanks für the doorbell.mp3 link from the homey blog. I was able to test the audio file with my older sonos player. This works fine. The other link to reach the soundboard file doesn’t work. Was just an idea, right?

Does anyone know if it is even possible to reach a soundboard audio file directly?

And again the idea for change requests:
soundboard should send the URL/sound clip to the sonos player with a http link.
Or the sonos app should be able to store sound files localy and send them to sonos via the http link.

Please, can someone tell me, where is the right place in this forum to post a change request for the two apps. Thx

Go to the Appstore https://apps.athom.com/app/com.athom.soundboard
and press “Report an issue”

The other link to reach the soundboard file doesn’t work. Was just an idea, right?

This was a question to the community.

I sent athom the change requests.

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Any change the new IKEA/SONOS SYMFONISK speakers will work with the soundboard app or does Athom need to make some changes for this to work?

Sonos has to make the changes and big chance that’s not gonna happen.

Thanks for your reply. Strange that Sonos does implement it for the Sonos One, Amp, Play: 5 (gen 2), and Beam, but not for the new SYMFONISK series.

I now use an online .mp3 using the “Play URL” function. Unfortunately, the 8-second fragment keeps repeating itself, despite the flow below …

Someone an idea why?

Add a Command STOP to speaker after the needed 8 seconds play-time.