Sonos v6 only for S2, what about S1 Speakers?

Ok, so i tested the 6.0.7 Hopmey Sonos app.

Please don’t confuse S2 sonos (mobile) app with 6.0.7 Sonos Homey app.

But It is possible to add S1 speakers to the 6.0.7 app. It’s just the functionality like “say” that’s not present on the S1 speakers.
FWIW i deleted the Play 5 gen 1 speaker and re-added it in 6.0.7.

I always referred to the S2 Homey app (6.0.7). But I edit my post to make this clearer.

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One little thing then:
Homey app 6.0.7 has nothing to do with S2 in any way.
So maybe just call it Homey app or 6.0.7 but not S2 Homey app plz.
Also the line in the readme from the Homey app is not correct. Where it says “Note: Only Sonos S2 speakers are supported.” it should have stated something like “Some of the new functions will not work on older speakers” or something like that.
I don’t wanna be rude, it’s just to prevent confusion for other peeps.

Exactly! That yellow line should not be there!
That’s why i said:

Do i understand correctly that Play 1 can’t be re-added?

No, S1 devices can be re-added.

It can’t find any new devices. I have 2x Play 1

My Play 1 work without any problem with v6.0.7. But I didn’t re-added them. Did you use the app v5.0.14 before or do you start with the v6.07?

I would be glad to hear that. I assumed that the Homey app communicates via the S2/S1 api with the Sonos devices. And you know that the Sonos S2 api is different from the S1 api. Could you elaborate how the homey app communicate with the Sonos devices? Or which source you are referring to, please.


Do u remember how u added the devices to Homey?
Then u would know.

With other words, you have no idea?

Is that the way of telling u don’t remember how u added ur devices?

I am using Homey since 2018 so i did not start with the latest release.

I’ve noticed the Play 1 was marked with a red warning triangle. Hence I assumed the Play 1 wouldn’t function anymore so i removed them both.

Guess i was a bit to eager? I can’t re-add them cause both Play 1 are not discovered anymore.

Ur sure they was not added alr?

You can be sure I know how I add my devices but this was not the question.

I meant the technical level + interfaces and is it really not relevant if I use a S1 or S2 device?

But we can stop here because the discussion is leading in the wrong direction now.


Also reminds me of an old topic way back.
So old news repeats itself.

They do not appear when i open the Sonos app on Homey

Looks like they do read along here:

“Note: Both Sonos S1 & S2 speakers are supported, but S1 has some limitations. For example, listeners can’t group players in an S1 system with players in an S2 system.”


Seems so :wink: :+1: