[APP] Sonos - A Better Way to Listen

As there is a lot of fragmented information on the community about the Sonos App by Athom I create a central topic. It is a Wiki so is someone feels the need to update the Opening Post of this Topic, feel free!

The App in the App store:

For official Support contact the Developers: Support | Homey

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I would like to know if sonos speakers (One or player 1) can play homey voice or sounds.

Yes, Sonos One for sure. Play:1 should also be able to do that.

There are several ways to play a sound:

Voice playback is also possible in different ways:

Screenshot of the Sonos App (Athom):

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You could also use Universele Media Speler | Homey to play sound from a UPnP Server (a lott of wifi/routers have that option).
See [TUTORIAL] How to make a Great Public Announcement (P.A.) System with any device! - Tutorials - Homey Community Forum (athom.com) for more explanation if you want a announcement system (with sounds).

Anyone else experiencing Sonos time out errors? I’ve asked Athom support and they suggest it is due to my Homey having to work too hard. I have 120 devices and 300 flows. Everything is working fine and fast.

When I reinstall Sonos it works for a short while. After that Sonos times out. When I try to reconnect Sonos I notice that the Sonos api page where I need to log in reacts very slowly.

Tips on solving this issue are welcome! Thanks for taking the time reading this :blush:

What I used to do for the Duux app is restart the app every day. Now I get less timeouts/disconnects. Or notice it less atleast :slight_smile:

Since short of time, don´t know exactly, all the flows for Sonos are not working anymore.
now, with advanced flows, i see the error: Network request failed

but when i restart the Sonos app (of Homey) then it all works again for about 10 minutes or so.
How can i troubleshoot this issue? Or is it an known issue?

Yes, see this Dutch thread and also this post. But according to Athom’s reaction mentioned in the last post, it’s your Homey’s fault.

Hello all,

So for a few weeks now I have the following problem;
The Sonos plugins works and sees all speakers (login is fine), then I do a test for example with the doorbell sound and that also works. Then a few hours later it stops working again, whenever homey tried to play something to a speaker it just keep loading… controls also stop working. Restarting plugin fixes it for a few mins, then same problem.

Any idea what this could be?
The speakers themselves (6 of them in the network) work fine.

Here the same problem after a few hours of working it gives message

Time-out after 30000ms

Same here

Yes, same here! It started after Homey update 7.4.3.
Nothing helps to resolve this. I tried deleting and adding the app again. I even tried a recovery. The only solution is to restart the app. And then it will work again for a few hours.

Please help! I can share a diagnostic report if needed.

To everyone: the Sonos app is developed by Athom, you need to contact them via this web form because they don’t answer support questions on this forum.

Yeps, already submitted.
Also, restarting the plugin does not fix it, only removing it and reinstalling it.

Athom just told me it is known to them and an update is coming hopefully soon to fix this.

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Ah, good to hear! Thanks!

Still got issues with Sonos app. How long does it need to take to fix this?!

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I did get an upgrade of Sonos app to 6.2.1 yesterday.
After that i cant control Sonos .
Som actions in my flow are ok when testing (volume up/down), but most is failing
When trying to turn on / off I get “ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE”

Anyone else with same problems?