Speach to play url as an action

Hi, Im new in Homey world - coming from hc2.

For the audio notifications I use Sonos, yet when the Homey has the ability to speak, it would be great if there was an action card to play url (as Sonos app has). I like to have the audio notifications in my language and Homey doesn’t support mine. This would do the trick nicely.

Thank you, Martin

No direct speak function to Sonos, but you can use Soundboard app to play pre-recorded messages or your own sounds (mp3 and wav are supported)

Actually, this app is exactly what I needed. It would be even great if there was chance to play mp3 from url as an option, yet uploading specific mp3 files are ok too. Thank you very much for this hint. Best, Martin


Play an URL: is this what you looking for?

Well yes, but not within Sonos. I wanted this in the Speach action and have the ability to use it with internal Homey speaker.