Sonos S2 support

The only topic I found around Sonos S2 support was in Dutch, so I figured it was OK to create this thread.

As far as I can see, all Sonos integration with Homey was bricked after upgrading to the new S2 platform. I read that downgrade to S1 is possible, but only if you have not already upgraded all your devices to S2, so it does not seem to be possible if you have chosen to go all S2 like I have.

Can someone shed some light on the situation here? Are Athom working to get S2 support, and is it even likely to be possible any time soon? I am kind of amazed about the way Sonos has done this. As I understand, lots of integrations have been broken with S2. Just the fact that you cannot roll back is mind-boggling

Many Sonos owners have invested heavily in their setup, and integrations are important for many of them.

And what exactly is not working because here it works like a charm with the S2

Ok, so maybe I am missing something. Nothing is working, pretty much. All actions on Sonos devices just time out. Searched for it, and found multiple reviews for the Sonos Homey app that requested S2 support, so I figured it was a general thing. But good to hear that it should work. I will try to find a solution then. Maybe I must reinstall the app and add the devices again

Also migrated all my Sonos devices to S2 and also no problems here.
I only have now a first version AMP and 3 bridges laying around because they are not supported anymore, feels still a little wrong :worried: :slightly_frowning_face:

All so no trouble here everything’s works normally like before updating to S2.

Another one here without problem after upgrading to S2.
Without having to change the Homey app too.
Sorry… :wink:

Worked again after restarting homey and the Sonos app. So I guess it was a glitch :slight_smile: thanks for your responses anyway!

Oh, been working fine. I was on beta for the S2 as well and didn’t have any issues so didn’t raise either.

Also no problems with the S2 app. Everything works like a charm, in Homey and the Sonos S2 app.

By the way, Homey did’nt change anything, the app for Homey is as it was.
The Sonos app itself changed, this has nothing to do with Homey.