Sonos controls has changed?

I am in the middle of migrate from an ordinary Homey to Homey Pro, and now have both up, and setting up stuff in the Pro like I had it in the ordinary Homey.
I notice ne thing when it comes to Sonos.
I can add the Sonos-devices as devices in HomeyPro, and it is working, starting stoping and so on.
But the first thing I see is that in my old Home, the device has an icon (my Play:3 has a Play:3-icon, my Amps have Amp-icons and so on), but in the Pro, when adding them there, they only have the text “Sonos”. Dosnt really matter, but when sitting up flows, I see that the control is different.
For example in the old Homey I could chose “play a TuneIn station”. That is not there in the new. (I can make the TuneIn-station a Sonos-favorite in the Sonos-phone-app, and then in Homey-app chose “play Sonos Favorite” with the same result). In the old there was an option to “Stop”. It is not there anymore, now I can “Pause” instead. In the old there were Play Artist, Play Album and so, but they do not exist anymore.
In both Homey an Homey Pro it is the same app (Athoms Sonos-app), same version (5.0.11). Same Homey-version (2.5.1).
Very strange…

See also this thread, looks like to be something because of a change in Sonos’ API and adding devices after that change.