Sonos stopped working

The last 2 days control of Sonos devices have stopped working.
I have tried deleting app, rebooting, and reinstalling app - but still gets “ERROR RESOURCE GONE”

Homey version 8.1.0 - Sonos app6.2.1 - Sonos system 14.20 (S2)

Sometimes you have to update the Sonos software via the Sonos PC/MobileApp on the Sonos devices to keep running.

Did not help

Did you restart the Sonos as well?
Did the Sonos have a fixed IP?

Sonos: 14.20 S2
Homey: 8.1.0
Homey Sonos App: 6.2.1

All restarted.

Have worked fine last 6 moths, but now I can control volume and sound off, BUT play, pause etc gives:

This means, Homey can not find the resource on Sonos, maybe you have to renew the Sonos Favorites, or update the Sonos firmware to the latest version…

Sonos is at latest version (as well as the App and Homey)

Don’t know exactly what ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE means, but maybe the services, e.g. Apple Music, Spotify, etc., need to be reauthorized in the original Sonos app.

Had my 2 Sonos-One disconnected from power for several days, after power them up again, when I tried to start them play by Homey, I also got the message “ERROR RESOURCE GONE”.
Then I tried to let them play from the Sonos-App on my android tablet, and that was no problem. After that, it was also possible again to control them via Homey.

Had to use this card to get the “RESOURCE” back:

Can you also try this? and what is the result?

I have tried all that - Sonos works fine and volume + audio off works in Homey App. Play/pause and orher play something don’t (I have used a lot before with no problem)

Same problem overhere… Did you find resolution already?

I had a similar problem; Just transferred to the new homey pro. For me the solution was to select a sonos speaker in the homey app on my phone, and than to repair it. You need to enter your sonos account username and password. This restores the connection between homey and the sonos servers. This solved my problem.

Same problem here, also mentioned in other post: HP23 Sonos S2 Error_resource_gone problem

Maybe create one post?

Hi. Setup HP23 and 10 Sonos speakers in our second house. Running Sonos S2. In our first house I use Sonos S1 as I have many older Sonos components there that’s not supported by S2. I get the error_resource_gone for all the S2 components. Tried repairing connection and removing/reinstalling components. Doesn’t work. Can anyone help me?

Probably the Sonos devices need a software update.

Same problem here on a (Early 2018) , also tried to repair and remove/add the device. But no luck

The volume functions (up/down/mute) seem to work well, but play/pause or favorite doesn’t work.

I had the exact same issue.

but my scenario was like this… Sonos One speakers worked flawlessly.
my Sonos Amp not so much.

I also tried reboot of Homey Pro (2023) and even the Sonos app, but without any large changes.

I deleted a sonos amp device. from my homey and tried to re-insert it again, but it was not to be found at all.

oh, forgot to mention I also tried a repair on my sonos amp device.

so I cut the power for ALL my Sonos devices and waited for the system (sonos app) to be un-recognized.
then I only powered on the sonos amp unit and tried adding the device to my homey pro and that worked fine.
I then tested the flow building with joining another sonos one to the same group as the sonos amp, which worked. and then I tested the Favorite / playlist selection which again worked fine.

so my success was build upon shutting down the power of all my units and starting it again beginning with the sonos amp.