Sonos speakers not working/discoverable

Hi there. Have been using my Sonos speakers in homey for a number of weeks with no issues but today I noticed that a particular flow that normally triggers a radio station didn’t fire and investigated to see what was up.

It seems that my Sonos speakers have become unresponsive within Homey (they work fine through the Sonos app and Home Assistant which i setup this weekend using MQTT hub). Homey spits back an “ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE" when I try to do anything with a speaker. So, I tried to remove one and re-add to see if that would help but then I get the following screen

Haven’t tried uninstalling the app yet just in case there’s a quick fix. I have 8 Sonos speakers and a boatload of flows with them so it would be a PITA to have to wire everything back up :sweat_smile:

Anyone encountered this issue before?

Huh. Restated the Sonos app a couple of times and things seem to have shaken themselves back into life. Who knows what was up :man_shrugging:

Sonos can “suffer” from 5GHz and or dualband Wifi. A user reported frequent "pop’ sounds. That “feature” was gone after splitting the 2,4GHz and 5GHz frequencies (both their own SSID)

Yeah, I have my system on Sonos Net with one of the speakers hardwired to the router. And also have my SSIDs split for good measure! Really just was a weird event that they disappeared for half a day…

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