Sonos playlist (Apple Music) and/or Favourites

Hi all,

Is there any way to play pre-configured Sonos Favorites? For some reason I can’t create playlists. This (kind of) makes sense because Sonos is configured for Apple Music and this probably doesn’t work with Homey.

It should however work with pre-defined playlists or Sonos favourites I reckon.

Couldn’t find either so very curious how you guys play music from Homey.


Well, I just don’t.
There was an iTunes App for Homey but with Apple Music it just is not possible unfortunately.
It would be, if one would write an App for that.
As I am not a programmer but prefer Apple Music to Spotify I am still thinking about a workaround, wich will use the always-on-Apple TV in my living room as Media player and play Apple Music from there (just thinking loud!)

You can try Musconv to make plalylist easily. Thanks