Sonos and Spotify Integration

I’ve added my Sonos, all working fine. Also tried to connect Spotify. Not very fine.
Am I right that the Spotify app is not to actually control your Spotify account?
If so, I would like to get my Sonos to play something via Spotify (Sonos is already linked to Spotify anyway outside of Homey).
Can this be done. The choices in the flows look like they should but it doesn’t know any of my music.
Many thanks

If I am not mistaken you need the Spotify app on Homey as well.

You also need to add your Spotify account. But with Sonos, it does not work 100% well right now.

I have added my playlists to the “Sonos favorites” because it was hard to find them. Still, I was unable to find them. Next, I “shared” my playlists as a link and found that it contains a unique ID, for example:{username}/playlist/{uniqueID}?si={somecodehere}

You can use the uniqueID to search for the playlist in Sonos. This seemed to work. And it did that once… next time I tested I had an error:


What I did, was add the Bronos ( image to a Raspberry Pi I still had lying around, and use the web API of that to start my playlist. This works every time. I think there is still an error in the Sonos or Spotify app for Homey.

I am opening up a new topic of this project “Sonos Bathroom” :slight_smile:

I did think that and had already installed Spotify Connect but it looks like it is very limited in its capability.

What should I be able to do?

Sorry, didn’t see this post as well when replying before. Thanks for the detailed reply. I don’t have any raspberry pi experience unfortunately :frowning:

You need to connect the Spotify account before you can use it. I think it’s just a sort of “gateway” app.
Most of what you can do is in the Sonos app. You need to install that, add your devices, then a lot of cards are available with those new devices. The Spotify app doesn’t do much but I think it is required (not 100% sure)