Spotify stopping music at other source [Sonos]

Hi! I’m wondering if anyone else has the following issue:
I have several flows that plays a spotify favorite on Sonos.
I am logged in to my Spotify account and have access to my playlists etc in the Sonos app in Homey.
If I am at work and listening to Spotify and a flow is triggered at home that plays Spotify, the music at work stops playing.
Is there a way to avoid this?
We do have Spotify family, but I want to setup my Sonos flows with my Spotify account. And I want to listen to my Spotify when not at home.
Let me know if anyone has had this issue and found a nice work around.

I believe this is native to Spotify.

A solution would be to add another family member for a “dedicated” Sonos account. It should be possible to make a collaborative playlist, so you can use the same list for both your work and Sonos listening-pleasure!

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Thanks for your reply!
I was hoping not to go down that road, but it does look like my best option at the moment.

I just realized I have the Duo subscription. So no spare slots for another account dedicated to Sonos:/