Flow with music play only play first track from playlist on sonos

When I create a flow that triggers my Sonos to start playing a playlist, only the first track in the playlist is added to the queue. It dosen’t matter what type of playlist I choose. I have tried with Sonos-Playlist, Spotify for Sonos-playlist and a Homey-playlist. It all ends with the same result, only the first track gets added and played.
Anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

Ur not doing anything wrong. It’s a known issue for some time now. Check GitHub and u will find it.

There is a workaround with these flows:

To prevent an continuous loop from the core flow, i’ve created 2 modes (virtual devices app) for the sonos in my kitchen.

when a playlist is being played, Homey checks if either one of these modes is active.
if so, the next flow is engaged.

this flow checks every 3 seconds whether sonos has stopped playing and then starts the next song.

Heads up: because of a little delay in the Sonos software, the state “playing” or “stopped” is received late by homey. If the trigger value was set to two seconds, homey would’nt be aware of the track is being played and starts the next song every 2 seconds.

hope these flows helps for now (and hope aswel that Athom will fix this in the next version off their sonos App) :wink:).

Let’s keep it in English plz!

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Sorry, didn’t know where that came from :rofl:
Will Translate later today.

Thanx @Rocodamelshekima and @Rdw for your answers. I’ll try the workaround and then hope for the 2.0 release fixes this issue.

I suggest you to use musconv tool to migrate your playlist. Thanks