Playing Sonos Playlist with v5.0.6


I am trying to set up flows with the new Sonos app v5.0.6.
I have two flows that are trigged with different buttons.
One triggers morning playlist, the other triggers good night playlist.
However, I am seeing issues with Sonos not playing the correct playlist.
Having the Sonos app open with the queue displayed I can see that the playlist is added to the queue, but way down on the list. Which in turn makes Sonos play songs not related to the playlist I want to have.
Could anyone try to replicate and see if you have the same experience? And if you do, help me find a way to work around it:)?
If the queue is empty - it works as expected. Then the playlist is added to the queue and the first song starts to play.

I have contacted Athom and they say the “issue” lays with Sonos.

Hopefully we can find a work around:)

Just tested and is working like it should. Sonos IOS version 10.1 build 49263270
Tested on a One and a Play5 gen1

Thanks for testing!

So you triggered one flow to start one playlist, then another flow to start another playlist - and it started playing correct playlist both times?


That will be correct.

First flow:

2nd flow:

And playing the correct list.

Playing Bakermat to begin with. Then the doorbell sound from flow 1 and playing Avici because he’s first in the “Lekker” list. Then doorbell sound from 2nd flow and Blof playing because that’s first in the “Q-Top…” list.


Thanks for the detailed info!
I love your LED-screen! Looking awesome.

I think I found the issue! My queue on Sonos was set to ‘Shuffle’. This made a shuffle of all the songs in the queue, no matter what playlist was selected. Turned ‘shuffle’ off and the correct playlist is playing. However, leaving it playing will eventually play different songs when the playlist is finished - all depending on what’s in the Sonos queue already.

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Play a soundboard mp3 is not possible anymore in the latest update
The choice in the list is disappeared

All depends on what speaker ur trying to play it on. It’s on the app-store comments.
" Currently, the only players that support audio clips are Sonos One, Amp, Play:5 (gen 2), and Beam."

Thats the problem. I do have play 1’s; playbar and bass :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah, shame they changed that. But giefs a good reason to buy new speakers :wink:

Hahaha I do have to deal with my Director . She will no agree i’m afraid :roll_eyes:

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That LED bar thing is very cool… care to share more info about that? :slight_smile:

Yeah sure. After a good tip from a community member I got a good deal on a LaMetric Time. Cool stuff! And have an app running on it which shows the artist and title of the song whenever a new song is played on ur Sonos.

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