Can't play playlists from Sonos app because it is only added to the queue


Does anybody have a workaround for the Sonos app?

Currently, it is not possible for me to properly have one playlists played in shuffle mode.

If you add in a flow: “play Sonos playlist” it will get added in the queue in Sonos. However, the possibility exists that there are several playlists in this queue. It is not possible that the queue will be cleared when a playlists is played.


(i) if you turn shuffle on, the playlists will get mixed; or
(ii) If you don’t turn shuffle on, you’ll always start with the same song.

Therefore, for me it is not possible to have a “cooking playlist” which shuffles songs in exactly that playlist, without songs from other playlists also being played.

Report to Service@Athom, search this forum to see how many people this already did.

I’ve reported this issue to Athom multiple times - without any joy unfortunately.
I’m not familiar with the Sonos api, but a ‘clear queue’ would definitely solve the issue. Using the shuffle-card in Homey is unusable the way it is now unfortunately.

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Any update? I have the same issue

I have found a solution. It’s kind of ugly but it works. Use a smartsocket and plug the speaker. Turn it off for around 2 minutes. Sonos will remove the speaker from the system and clear the playlist. Then turn it on again.

With the new Homey V5 firmware and the new test version of the Sonos app v6.0.6 the queue will now be cleared when you start a sonos playlist.

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