Sonos - Playlists does not show up

This used to work, but now, when I try to search after a playlist, I only get “No results” This happens when I try to add Sonos in a flow. Other Sonos functions, like Play and Volume, works fine. Please help!

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Do you try to add Play a Sonos Playlist to the THEN part of the flow and are unable to choose a playlist? Do you have Sonos playlists or are you using Spotify (or other services) playlist? The Sonos app changed so you now must have Sonos playlists to be able to choose one in that card.

If you have Sonos playlists try restarting the app.

Hi Johan, and thank you for your reply.

yes, I try to start a playlist in the THEN paper of the flow. I am using Spotify. The app has been reinstalled and restarted several times. Used to work before :thinking:

So the topic title should have been: Playing spotify playlist on Sonos.

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Well, it used to work… now it does not. You will have to add the Spotidy playlist to a Sonos playlist, else playlist will not show up in the search panel.

If you still want to have the ability to play Spotify playlists this way I suggest sending a request for new feature to Athom (as many others have).