Sonos and Spotify for Sonos


Can someone tell me how I get my Sonos speakers and Spotify for sonos to work. Have treid different ways to get it done but nothing works. I’m able to add my Speakers as devices in a room. But I’m unable to choose the sonos as a speaker under music. I’m unable to connect spotify…



Did you install the latest beta already ??
4.0.12 ??

Yes! Have the beta version on Sonos and Sotify

Beta is not working with music anymore. the sonos app was prereleased (meant for homey 2.0) due various bugs in the 3.1 sonos app.

you should however be able to create a flow which starts a spotify playlist.


Having also problems with Sonos / Spotify on Homey, most functions are not working anymore,
I reported several issues and I got the next answer from Athom:

Oct 1, 11:35 CEST
Good morning Jan,
Thank you for reporting these issues. We are aware of issues with Sonos and we plan to solve these with the release of Homey firmware 2.0. I will forward this to the developers.
Best Regards,
Athom Support

Hello !

I’ve Spotify Premium account and 2 x Sonos One.

I’ve installed this apps:

But when I go in “Music” in the Homey App, I can’t select my Sonos Speaker (only Homey Speaker):

I only see “Sonos Playlist”:

When I try to add a “Spotify Connect” device, I don’t see my Sonos:

And to finish, when I insert music in a flow, I can’t find my personnal Spotify playlist to play…

I want to play my Spotify music (from personnal spotify playlist) on my Sonos One. I though it would be super easy ton integrate (Spotify and Sonos are like super star apps) but it seems to be more complicate !

May you tell me what’s wrong with my config ?

Thank for reading me !


Private made spotify playlists are not (yet) supported, only Spotify playlists are

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Oh :weary:

Hello community

I have also problems with the sonos & spotify app. I change from the stable version to beta today. Because I wasn’t able to load my spotify playlists under music (private or public).

currently I have installed:

sonos v4.0.13
spotify v3.1.0

Where can I configure my spotify account? The icon under settings > Apps > Spotify is gone.

It’s strange my flow works. I can play public playlists … but wich account is used?

thanks xooops

Look in the settings of the device (speaker)

where under settings or Zones & Devices?
I can’t add the speaker as a sonos device

thanks, xooops


Homey rule nr.1 : If it works, don’t touch it :sunglasses:

hmm :face_vomiting:

Do you have any information if private playlist will be supported?